Yes, I know, I stopped writing. I’ve started countless posts that I’ve abandoned halfway through. I went to Greece with the passionate intention to write about my experience, it’s just that, I’m not sure how to verbalize it, how to share it. I arrived in Leros and jumped into an exciting, emotional, overwhelming, and sad tornado that consumed me until the moment I boarded a tiny plane back to Athens. It’s taken me a few weeks of aimlessly wandering around Europe to sort it all out. Continue reading “Silence”

POC, Refugee, Resident

Seemingly, everyone I’ve met since landing in Athens has an opinion about the refugee crisis in Greece – locals, Uber drivers, NGO’s, police, and refugees themselves. Opinions are freely shared with me once I disclose what I’m doing here (teaching yoga in a refugee camp) and I listen, hesitating to form an opinion until I’ve had my own experience on the island of Leros, my home for the next month or so. Continue reading “POC, Refugee, Resident”

Handstand Plans

I signed up for yoga teacher training with a few intentions, some said and some unsaid. The one obvious intention was to become a yoga teacher! I was having a mini personal crisis and needed some healing, so I figured what better than a lot of yoga? Yoga has put me back together in the past when I’ve been an unsettled mess. Other less obvious reasons were to fill up my time (unstructured free time is scary to me) and, I secretly wanted to do an unsupported handstand that I could hold for more than 3 seconds. Continue reading “Handstand Plans”

Bad Yoga

I’ve been on a bit of a yoga high lately. I am doing yoga everyday, I’m thinking about yoga, and even dreaming about yoga thanks to yoga teacher training. Naturally, when I went for a weekend getaway in the Hamptons, I sought out a yoga class to start off my weekend. I think my happy yoga bubble popped a little. Continue reading “Bad Yoga”

What Is Yoga?

I was asked this question as my first assignment before I start yoga teacher training. Easy, I thought. Yet when I started to write about it I drew a blank. What is yoga? To me, yoga is balance, centeredness, movement, breath, meditation, a connection between my mind and body. The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj means to yoke or bind and is often interpreted as “union” or a method of discipline. Continue reading “What Is Yoga?”

Turn The Page

Today marks the end of a huge chapter in my life. A love story, really, of traveling and volunteering abroad. Three and a half years ago I quit my corporate job and moved to New York to work in nonprofit without looking back. I’ve been lucky enough to support micro finance, education, and public health projects around the world over the past three years. Continue reading “Turn The Page”