A Walk Through Kibera-A Nairobi Slum

When I travel I like see the diversity of a city. I want to see touristy things, but also how local people live. This time I found an organization in Nairobi that supports people from the Kibera slum by giving tours, so I signed up with the hope that I’m giving to the community. This is the largest slum in Nairobi, and the largest urban slum in Africa. Two men led me through markets, a bone factory, a women’s center where women raise money to support those in the community with HIV, and finally to the slum. Continue reading “A Walk Through Kibera-A Nairobi Slum”


Tanzania Yetu

First, I’m always a bit torn about how to share my experiences abroad. I almost feel a sense of responsibility to protect the people and culture I love so much from misunderstanding and judgement. So I must say before I talk about my experiences, that the lack of development in Africa has nothing to do with the competence and intelligence of its people, but with the political and economic system and the lack of access to education and resources. Continue reading “Tanzania Yetu”

The Hate

I remember one of the first times I experienced hate. Pure raw hate. It completely shocked and chilled me. I was living in Kansas City at the time (no clue how long ago this was but like 8ish years?) and I went to see Judy Shepard speak. Her son, Matthew Shepard was tragically murdered in 1998 in Wyoming because he was gay.  Continue reading “The Hate”

Because She’s a Woman? Or the Right Person?

So, at the risk of making enemies, I have to say this.

Yes, it would be cool to have a woman as president. Yes, I am a feminist and believe in women’s empowerment, strong women, etc.

But. Do we like Hillary because she would be a great president and she’s the right person for the job? Or because she’s a woman and we want to make history again? Continue reading “Because She’s a Woman? Or the Right Person?”

Love Yourself…But Not Too Much 

We are told to love ourselves, but just enough, not too much that we are full of ourselves, narcissistic, self-centered, you get it. My mom used to say “the world revolves around Julie” when I was a kid (and it made me really mad). Perhaps children are naturally self-centered, but as we grow up we develop this thing called self and/or social awareness, well most of us do, and we begin to see the ‘bigger picture’. So how much should we love ourselves, and how do we know when it’s too much? Continue reading “Love Yourself…But Not Too Much “

Men (and Women) Were Not Made To Stare At Screens

Let’s talk about stress. Stress has been a theme for me the past few weeks. There are big stresses, like moving, balancing full time work and school, learning a new job, planning a wedding (not that I’ve ever thought about/ done that), but you know what I mean. Then there are small stresses that we deal with every day. Those small annoying things that add to our anxiety just a little every day. Continue reading “Men (and Women) Were Not Made To Stare At Screens”