Road Trip With a Rabbi

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Like when your flight from Miami to New York is cancelled (blizzard), all flights really, and you are stuck for an indefinite period of time 1,000 miles away from home. Not fun. Alas, I don’t like being stuck, in any possible way. What’s a girl to do?¬† Continue reading “Road Trip With a Rabbi”

Why I Volunteer Abroad

I’d like to talk about one of the loves of my life, international volunteering and travel. Yes, before you ask, I do volunteer locally as well (New York Cares). The last 5ish years of my life have been shaped around international volunteering. Travel has become one of my greatest passions, and I think it’s important … Continue reading Why I Volunteer Abroad

My Bio

Former investigator, now non profit professional. I’m a world traveler, advocate for human rights, health, and education. I grew up in the Midwest and currently living in NYC. My background is in criminal justice, and since leaving the corporate world 3 years ago, I’ve gone back to school at NYU in a International Relations program. … Continue reading My Bio