Running Mount Royal

True story, unedited to make me appear less strange, so no judgement please. I’ve just devoured a vegan orange infused chocolate croissant (after breakfast)¬†and I think it’s a good idea to adventure on Mount Royal. I start to walk up sidewalks, through downtown Montreal, until I get to stairs, a clear path up the mountain. With a burst of energy, I leap up the stairs, two at a time, taking off layers as the evasive sun shines through the clouds. The redish orange scenery is breathtaking as bits of the buildings peak through, reminding me that I’m still in a city. Continue reading “Running Mount Royal”


My feelings always surprise me. I’ve been so ready to leave Providence, yet when the anticipated moment comes, I’m sad. I’m filled with a sense of emptiness and loss, the loss of a life and community I’ve slowly built over the past two years. The loss of a community to which I belonged. Reflecting, I board a plane en route to Montreal, fully prepared to lose myself in the unfamiliar streets of another city. Sometimes I forget that I’m connected to everything, everyone. Continue reading “Montreal”

O, Canada

So, as per usual, my ‘plans’ don’t go as planned. I most certainly do not have anything figured out. I might be a experienced traveler, but that doesn’t really mean much, and sometimes I’m still a hot mess. Day one of my journey and I’ve managed to barely sleep the past few nights, get a cold, leave my laptop charger at home, and someone thought it was a good idea to set up a new phone late the night before they caught their early morning flight. Continue reading “O, Canada”