Jiufen Old Street

Waiting. Waiting for a number. Number 1062, the bus number that will take me across Taiwan to a picture of something I once saw, an idea I’ve followed here. Is this a good idea? The number appears, I drop my money into a box, and squeeze my way into a crowded bus, standing room only. An hour later, I am surrounded by lush, green hills, and the bus pulls drives into a painting. A painting of an old city on a hill, colorful temples, a market like a maze that stretches deep into the village, winding roads that travel up the mountains, weaving through the city, contrasted by a piercing blue sea below. Continue reading “Jiufen Old Street”



It’s a slow Saturday, I’m leisurely headed into Cape Town city. I decide to take the local train (for less than a US dollar) and make the 50 minute ride as opposed to a more expensive Uber ride. I get onto a packed train and squeeze my way into a spot near the open doors (which I’m grateful for- it’s hot). A young man stands in the doorway, preventing the manual doors from closing with his body as the train departs. Continue reading “Passenger”